The Net Neutrality Hysteria

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014 @ 12:45PM

The knowledgeable John C Dvorak hit the nail on the head with this article


After years of fear that the government will take control of the Internet, now everyone is begging them to do it. The two liberal commissioners on the FCC pretty much said that problems are coming and rules need to be put in place. This pre-crime thinking will result in regulation that will encroach on everything.

One of the three principles listed in the hearing proposals adopted by the FCC are the words “legal content.” This jumped out at me when I saw it. Who is going to decide what is legal and what is not? These things are always resolved by administrative courts. Someone just decides. I can guarantee the public would have never heard of Edward Snowden if FCC rules were in place. The stolen files would be deemed illegal. Senators would ask why this material is even on the Internet, protected by net neutrality rules or not. The files would be censored for national security reasons. Same with Wikileaks; it would be deemed illegal and not allowed.

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