The Candidate

Let’s get down to business!

Hello, thanks for stopping by. If I may introduce myself, I am a single father and home owner in the district that makes my living as an Information Technology Analyst, helping companies with datacenters manage their presence on the  information superhighway since 1994.

My campaign is working to get past the primary and into the general election without taking donations, while also staying under the $5000 reporting limits of the Federal Election Commission.

My stand is that the electorate needs to change how we look at our elections and to see through the money to what kind of person is there. That candidate taking the big money is the enemy, not the persons giving the money.

For my mind that’s the only way to counter money is speech. Then, by doing this I will be free to vote my conscience on the needs of the district and not swayed by the desires of out of district dark money donors.