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Redding Record Searchlight – May 15th, 2016
Congressional candidates give views on infrastructure
Reed and Gerlach again found common ground on the issue of bringing jobs to the North State, both pushing for high-speed internet access.
“I really love the term ‘Silicon Prairie’ and I’d like to see that up here,” Gerlach said.

Redding Record Searchlight – May 14th, 2016
Congressional candidates give views on infrastructure
“I’m a tech guy and I see how that would change things significantly,” said Gerlach, who is an internet technology consultant. “If we had broadband, we would see cities grow and business grow. It drives the whole economy and lifts everyone up.”

The Union, Serving Western Nevada County – May 9th, 2016
Jeffrey Gerlach runs as no party preference candidate for 1st Congressional District seat
According to Gerlach, there’s a disconnect between voters and Beltway politicians that he attributes to the national security apparatus. That apparatus includes the unelected officials who advise Congress and what Gerlach calls…

The Union, Serving Western Nevada County – May 5th, 2016
Congressional candidates provide answers on issues
District 1 congressional candidates tackle issues at Nevada County forum.Five of the seven candidates vying to represent California’s 1st district in the United States House of Representatives took a stance on a variety of issues on Thursday at a candidate forum hosted by the Nevada County chapter of the League of Women Voters.

Chico ER – May 3rd, 2016
Congressional candidates provide answers on issues
Reed and Gerlach both would support Planned Parenthood.
“The government shouldn’t be telling us what to do with our bodies whether we’re a man or a woman,” Gerlach said.

Chico ER – March 28th, 2016
Six candidates challenging LaMalfa for House seat
Most statewide primary races, except for president, operate under the state’s “top-two candidates” primary where voters select from among all candidates for a given position regardless of political party. The two top vote-getters advance to the Nov. 8 general election.

Auburn Journal – June 5th, 2014
Moore the frontrunner for Nov. 4 McClintock challenge, Gerlach a close third as candidates await final primary vote count
But with Tuesday’s preliminary election results in and about 20,000 votes in the sprawling district yet to be counted, there’s still a slim chance that he could overcome a 1,314-vote

Sacramento Bee – June 4th, 2014
California’s new primary system gets first statewide test
Gerlach, who did not raise money, said he was surprised by his performance and that it was premature to concede. “In honor of everyone who voted for me, I have to make sure this count is right.”

LA Times – June 4th, 2014
Some of the hottest congressional campaigns do battle in California
Another close race is for second place in a Northern California seat held by Rep. Tom McClintock (R-Elk Grove). Republican Art Moore was battling with independent candidate Jeffrey D. Gerlach to take on McClintock.

Sacramento Bee – May 15th, 2014
McClintock mailer pitches independent opponent to Democrats
Gerlach is the stronger candidate to place second in the primary and “we’re going after him,” (McClintock) campaign manager Jon Huey said.

Mariposa Gazette – May 8th, 2014
McClintock looking to face Gerlach in November
“We’re concerned about Gerlach because he is a credible candidate,” McClintock said. “He has well-established positions on the issues that are important in this election and has credibility in speaking on them. Frankly, with (Art) Moore, once people realize that he has never voted in a single election, it’s over for him.”

Blue Values TV – May 2nd, 2014
Interview with Jack Uppal
Jeff Gerlach (I), candidate for U.S. Congress in California’s 4th district is interviewed.

Auburn Journal – April 29th, 2014
4th District GOP congressional candidates spar with independent, each other
Lincoln candidate says no Democrat in race gives him a chance
Gerlach, 54, said he thought that he would be one of perhaps a dozen candidates in the running in the primary but ended up as one of three. Unlike the other candidates, Gerlach said he won’t be raising or spending any money during the election.

Sierra Star – April 29th, 2014
Sparse turn-out for Congressman
“I can offer something to both parties and say no to both parties based on my conscience,” Gerlach said.

The Union Democrat – April 15th, 2014
June 3 hopefuls lay out positions
Incumbents and challengers for the 4th Congressional District and 8th State Senate District jumped into election season during a candidate night Monday at the Historic Opera Hall in Sonora.

My Mother Lode – April 15th, 2014
Full Slate Of Candidates In Sonora
Challenger Jeffrey Gerlach declines to state a political party, and expressed displeasure with both Republicans and Democrats. “The two-party system is broken, and we need to have another choice,” he said. “People are leaving the parties, and I’m one of them. We need to have another option because what’s going on now does not work.”