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Friday, May 30th, 2014 @ 1:08PM

At this late date, on the weekend before my first election, I must thank everyone who has advised and helped us get the message out in my campaign for Congress. We have succeeded to get through the primary without taking donations, while also staying under the $5000 reporting limits of the Federal Election Commission.

By doing this I will be free to vote my conscience on the needs of the 4th district and not swayed by the desires of out of district dark money donors. Our campaign intends to prove the electorate has an opportunity to change how we look at our elections and to see through the money to what kind of person is running for office.
Recent Supreme Court decisions have reiterated a decision from the 1970’s that political donation money is equal to freedom of speech. We should not expect this to change anytime soon. However, to fully understand the wisdom of these decisions we must realize that the candidate taking the corrupting money is the enemy, more so than the persons donating the money.

With regularity through this election process I have encountered a prevailing attitude that the candidate that raises the most money is the best candidate. As well as being mocked repeatedly for taking such a stand against dark money. Through it all, it has become abundantly clear that there is great value in our speech and that THE COVERSATIONS OF “WE THE PEOPLE” are as every bit as important as money in the election process.

It’s true; I am never been a Politian and have never run for or held a government office. I have a 20 year career of leading groups of technical experts through highly complicated data center projects.

Now, as a disillusioned citizen, I have taken a stand against what I believe are the corrupting influences of our political system. WE DO HAVE A CHOICE AND CAN CHANGE THE WAY “WE THE PEOPLE” ELECT OUR REPRESETATIVES.

I ask you to support my candidacy by telling six people and asking them to tell six people.

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